• Dragana Bajić


    Dragana has professional experience in policy research and analysis with a focus on public administration reform and European integration of the Western Balkans. As part of the regional Western Balkans Enabling Project for Civil Society Monitoring of Public Administration Reform (WeBER), she was responsible for the overall monitoring of Serbia’s reform progress under a set of indicators, while specifically covering the analysis of public service and human resource management in the public administration. Additionally, Dragana has been providing local expert support to SIGMA’s mission in Serbia during the assessment of compliance with the Principles of Public Administration, so far focusing on service delivery and policy development and coordination. Representing CEP under the global initiative Open Government Partnership, she has been engaged in independent monitoring and reporting on the implementation of Serbia's OGP commitments. Since 2015, she has been part of PAR-related projects addressing HRM issues in the administration. Dragana holds an LL.M. degree in European integration, obtained at the University of Belgrade Law School. She completed undergraduate studies in international politics at the Faculty of Political Science.