Marketplace of ideas for better policymaking in Serbia

CEP is a non-governmental, non-profit, independent think tank founded in 2011 by a group of professionals in the areas of EU law, EU affairs, economics, and public administration reform. CEP’s team works with a shared vision of improving the policymaking environment in Serbia by rendering it more evidence-based, open and inclusive, and more substantially EU-accession-driven.

Statute of European Policy Centre 

As of 2018, CEP is the best-ranked think tank in the Western Balkans and among the top ten in Central and Eastern Europe, according to Global Go To Think Tank reports.

Programme areas


CEP’s mission is to perform evidence-based policy research and analysis, and provide fit-for-purpose policy proposals in order to better facilitate reform processes and contribute to transforming Serbia into a successful future EU member state. To ensure the local and EU ownership of policy initiatives, CEP works on coalition building, citizen engagement and impactful advocacy.


In 2030, CEP is the leading think tank in the Western Balkan and Central and Eastern Europe, with internationally recognised and proven expertise in developing innovative policy solutions in areas of European affairs, good governance, and economic development and green policies. 

CEP is considered, by EU and domestic policymakers, as an honest broker and go-to policy development hub that objectively assesses and addresses pertinent challenges, while developing future-proof policy solutions in the context of changing geopolitics and extended EU enlargement scope.

Goal 1: To further enhance quality of CEP’s research products by applying robust and diverse methodological approaches.

Goal 2: To increase organisation’s social impact through public outreach and evidence-based advocacy.

Goal 3: To improve CEP’s international visibility and recognition.

Goal 4: To improve CEP’s management and governance structures with focus on sustainable human resource management.

Goal 5: To ensure sustainable and diversified funding sources for the organisation.

The tenth birthday of CEP

In October 2021, CEP celebrated its tenth birthday. Watch the video about how CEP was created and developed.

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