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COVID-19 tracing app in Serbia

How to pave the road with trust, transparency and inclusion

Governments across the globe are increasingly using digital tools to accelerate the tracking of people infected with COVID-19 and their contacts as a key measure to prevent the pandemic’s spread. Among potential solutions, contact tracing mobile applications have emerged as the most used and discussed, and it is likely that many governments, including Serbia’s, will include them in national public health efforts.

Nevertheless, issues of privacy and data protection, and low public trust and user acceptance can prevent these apps from being used.

This policy brief argues that Serbia’s government needs to ensure a good understanding and respect of citizens’ concerns before proceeding with the implementation of one. Given the comprehensive EU-level discussions towards funding the best possible common solution aligned with the Union’s robust personal data protection policies, little can go wrong if Serbia follows European approaches. This can also help reaffirm the country’s pro-European orientation.

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