• Andrija Mladenović

    Senior Project Manager

    Andrija joined the CEP team in June 2020 and currently serves as the Senior Project Manager. He holds a bachelor's degree in international relations from the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Belgrade and pursued a master's degree in political science at the Central European University in Budapest. Notably, he successfully defended his master's thesis on cleavages among the Serbian intellectual elite and the phenomenon of Other Serbia, earning a Certificate of Specialization in Social and Political Theory. Presently, he is actively pursuing a Ph.D. degree focused on anticorruption. Andrija initiated his professional journey with the International Planned Parenthood Federation's member association and subsequently gained valuable experience working with the UNDP in Serbia. Throughout his tenure at these organisations and CEP, he has amassed significant expertise in developing intricate project proposals, overseeing multi-level international project interventions, and leading small- to medium-sized teams. His diverse research interests encompass anticorruption, sustainable development and SDG16, and the future of the EU's strategic autonomy.