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    This petition calls for development of a Manifesto that will contain the views, concerns, and solutions of the youth, by the youth, and for the youth, with the key focus on digital freedoms and internet use.

    Although the Western Balkans belong in Europe, it is often excluded from the European debates.  This is our opportunity, of the Western Balkan youth, for our voice to be heard – it’s our chance to send the message that digital space is also our space. After extensive consultations in all capitals of the region, we, the Western Balkan youth, have recognised that only together we can tackle the challenges which, in fact, know no borders.  Therefore, we highlight the urgency of addressing the following issues:

    • the spread of disinformation
    • the rise in hate speech
    • the detrimental impact of the internet on mental health
    • accountability of the social media platforms.

    The Manifesto will be presented in early May in Brussels at the public event gathering relevant European opinion- and decision-makers, as well as influencers, with the aim to position the Western Balkan youth as an essential part of the upcoming debates on the European future. 

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    This Manifesto will be created within the project Making a Future Together: EU and the Western Balkans from the Youth Perspective. Think for Europe Network, led by the European Policy Centre (CEP),TEN Secretariat, implements this project in partnership with the Institute for International Affairs in Rome, the Bronsilav Geremek Foundation Centre in Warsaw and the European Policy Centre (EPC) in Brussels. This project is financed by the European Agency for Cultural, Educational and Audio-Visual Policies through its Europe for Citizens Programme.

    For more information, please visit www.mladirini.org.

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