The Model of Staged Accession: Addressing the EU’s four key concerns

The model of staged accession has captured some attention in the discussions on the future of the EU enlargement policy. Initially published in October 2021, the proposal has so far inspired several cross-European debates, and gained support by numerous members of the expert community as well as some policymakers.

A Template for Staged Accession to the EU

If there can be a broad intuitive appeal for the idea of staged accession, then what naturally follows is the need for a detailed explanation on how this would work in practice, which this paper explores for each of the EU institutions.

Away with the enlargement bogeyman

The enlargement of the European Union to the Western Balkans is still an uncertainty, fifteen years after the countries of the region were promised a European perspective at the 2003 Thessaloniki Summit. In early 2018, a credible European perspective was…

2018 – the Year Credible EU Enlargement Policy Returns?

This paper suggests the need to change the current approach and structure of the EU Enlargement Policy. The previous year, 2017, was the year of annunciation of the return of the EU Enlargement Policy. The European Commission President J. C.…