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Protected Areas in Vojvodina

Status and Funding in the Context of European Integration (in Serbian)

What is the current state of Vojvodina’s nature? How are nature protection areas regulated and financed? What are the challenges and opportunities with regard to the EU integration process?

The new study addresses these questions and more, and provides a set of anwers as well as recommendations for better nature protection in line with the EU standards.

The study was developed within Banatska platforma project, which was implemented by the Ecological Centre Stanište in cooperation with the European Policy Centre (CEP), organization Agroznanje and several other organizations gathered within the regional network Banatska platforma (the Banat Platform). The project and the study are financially supported by the Open Society Fund, Serbia.

The authors are (besides Stefan Šipka) Dejan Maksimović i Dr. Biljana Panjković.

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