• Armenia and Azerbaijan at the same table: an attempt to approach opposing positions

    A conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the Nagorno Karabakh, a territory which is internationally recognised as part of Azerbaijan, but de facto ruled by the Armenian majority living there, re-erupted a couple of days ago. In order to get the full picture of what is happening on the ground, and to see what can Europe to prevent the conflict from escalating, we have invited two prominent experts, one from Armenia and the other from Azerbaijan.


    Benyamin Poghosyan

    – Chairman of the Centre for Political and Economic Strategic Studies in Yerevan
    – Former director of the Institute for National Strategic Studies at the Armenian Ministry of Defence
    – Graduated at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

    Anar Jahangirli

    – Consultant in public affairs and communication
    – Former diplomat from Azerbaijan, with the focus on NK
    – Graduated at Harvard

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