Towards Depoliticisation and Professionalisation of the Serbian State Administration

In September 2017, European Policy Centre – CEP started a research project Towards Depoliticisation and Professionalisation of the Serbian State Administration: Strengthening the Capacity and Role of Senior Civil Servants. The objective of this project aimed to identify the current condition of the civil service system in the Serbian public administration, with a special emphasis on the process of professionalisation and depoliticisation of the highest management positions – civil servants in office. This project was supported by the Embassy of France in Serbia.

Taking into account the specificity of these positions, which represent a bridge between politically appointed officials (ministers and state secretaries) on one hand, and civil servants in executive positions on the other hand, we are certain that men at this position need to be a professionals with expertise in a relevant field, but also possess other specific skills in order to perform managerial tasks in the administration. Within this research, a Study with specific recommendations for improvement of the current system and creation of an ideal civil servant was made.

Within this project, a Round table was held. The purpose of this Table was to open the debate about the status, role, responsibilities and accountability of civil servants in office. A special significance of the Round table was the opportunity to consider the experiences of the French model, which was outlined by the current and former French civil servants.

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