Convent working group session for Chapters 4 and 9

October 20, 2022. Meeting of the National Convent of the EU working group, which monitors negotiations on Serbia’s EU accession in the negotiation chapter 4 (Free movement of capital) and chapter 9 (Financial services), which is coordinated by the European Policy Centre, was held in CEP offices in Belgrade.

During the meeting, Vida Uzelac, coordinator of the working group for Chapters 4 and 9 emphasized that, after the National Convent of EU’s coordinator changed, it is expected that a meeting with all of the working groups coordinators will be held. Members of the working group agreed that the meetings should be held monthly, with the next one planned mid November 2022, after the new Government is formed. It would discuss the modalities of communication with the Coordination body and competent institutions (for Chapters 4 and 9 – Ministry of Finance and National Bank of Serbia), with the aim of intensifying the cooperation. The recommendations of the EC’s report on Serbia’s progress in 2022 were also briefly discussed, and it was concluded that insufficient progress has been achieved, and that the recommendations from the previous year were repeated.