Empowering local CSOs: WeBER 3.0 awards 21 grants

According to the final evaluation of the submitted applications for participation in the Local PAR Citizen Engagement Small Grant Facility, the implementing partners – European Policy Centre – CEP (Serbia), the Institute for Democracy and Mediation (Albania), the Foreign Policy Initiative (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the Group for Legal and Political Studies (Kosovo), Institute Alternative (Montenegro) and European Policy Institute (North Macedonia) on behalf of the WeBER 3.0 have signed Grant Agreements with 21 civil society organisations.

On 24 April 2024, in Belgrade, a ceremonial contract signing with the grantees was organised as the crowning event of a three-day workshop for grantees. During the workshop, they got acquainted with the design thinking skills that they will implement within their project, as well as with the rules and procedures of project management, financing, reporting, and visibility and communication.

Deca bez granica
Res Publica
Institut za medijaciju, pregovaranje i javne politike
Grantees from Serbia