Citizen consultations were held in Kraljevo, Niš and Sombor

31 October 2023 – During October, the Regional Centers of Excellence (ReCeEx) organised citizen consultations with circular migrants from their regions, as part of the project Circular migrations before depopulation!

During the citizen consultation, participants shared their perspectives, experiences, demands and concerns during the circular migration process. Among other things, the topics discussed during the consultation touched on why circular migrants leave their country, why they return and what they need after returning, how the local self-government can help them in that process and encourage the process of circular migration, etc.

ReCeEx for Southwest Serbia – Ibar Development Association – IDA, held citizen consultations on 23 October in Kraljevo, which gathered circular migrants from central, western and southwestern Serbia.

Centre for Civil Society Development – PROTECTA, ReCeX for the Southern Serbia held citizen consultations on 28 October in Niš, where the participants were circular migrants from the south of Serbia.

Citizen consultations were also held in Sombor on 31 October and were conducted by the Sombor Educational Centre, which covers the north of Serbia.

Citizen consultations were held within the framework of the project Circular Migration before depopulation! Innovative solutions for encouraging circular migration as a pillar of increased competitiveness and economic development. One of the goals of this Project is to build the capacity of local civil society organisations to support circular migrants and returnees, as well as propose public policies at the national and local levels to integrate them better.