• Pavle Janošević

    Pavle joined CEP in January 2023 as a project assistant. He graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade in 2021. He is a master's student in international studies, US studies module at the same faculty. He is currently working on the final paper. He began his professional training at the Center for International Public Policy, where as deputy coordinator of the coordination sector he worked on the planning and organization of several events and conferences, including work on the "Belgrade Model of the American Senate" project, under the auspices of the US Embassy in Belgrade. He is a regular participant in the School of American Studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences organized by the Center for US Studies. He was part of the project team for monitoring the elections in the United States of America, which was implemented by the Center for Social Dialogue and Regional Initiatives, and was also engaged by the same Center as an author on the Americano portal. During his studies, he participated in shorter training and internship programs in organizations such as the Council for Strategic Policy, the Professional Association of the Security Sector and the Center for Geostrategic Research and Terrorism, the Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development. He has participated in many conferences and seminars, including the Ayn Rand Conference in Warsaw (2020), the Winter School of International Relations (2022), and the Serbian-American Academy for Young Leaders (2022). As part of the "Serbian Educational Alliance" project, in November 2022 he was on a study visit to Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. His fields of interest are international relations, and foreign policy with an emphasis on US foreign policy, international security, and contemporary history. He speaks English fluently and also speaks French.