• Marko Todorović


    Marko joined CEP in September 2023 as a researcher within the Our Europe programme area. He completed his undergraduate studies in International Politics at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade in 2020, graduating with an average grade of 9.83. He pursued his master's studies in the field of International Peace & Security at the renowned Department of War Studies at King's College London, where he graduated with distinction. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in Security Studies at the Faculty of Security, University of Belgrade. Before joining CEP, Marko worked at the Public Policy Secretariat of the Republic of Serbia as a junior adviser in the Department for International Cooperation, European Integration, and Project Management. Collaborating simultaneously with international partners, government institutions, and local self-governments, he gained extensive experience in the field of public administration reform, public policy management, and the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals at the national and local levels. In parallel with his studies, he gained research experience at the Centre for International Public Policy, where he was involved in the Public Opinion Research Team. He was one of the research coordinators for "Citizens’ Attitudes towards the COVID-19 Pandemic" (2020), "Attitudes of University of Belgrade Students on Gender Equality in the Republic of Serbia" (2019), and "Attitudes of University of Belgrade Students on Youth Entrepreneurship in the Republic of Serbia" (2018). Marko has participated in numerous international programmes and summer schools. Some of them include "WeLead: EU for Young Professionals from the Western Balkans" at the Centre of Excellence in Finance (Ljubljana, 2023), "Migration and Integration: Challenges and Practices for the Development of Inclusive Societies" at the University of Gothenburg (Tallinn, 2023), "Core Skills for Working in Conflict" organised by International Alert (London, 2021), and "Regional Conflicts, Security, and Human Rights in Eastern Europe" at the University of Groningen (Tbilisi, 2019). His areas of interest include public international law, European integration, contemporary Balkans, Sustainable Development Goals, and migration management. He is fluent in English and also has a good command of German and Spanish.