• Marko Obradović

    Marko obtained his degree in foreign and domestic trade at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade and a MA degree in Public Administration (MPA) at the Kennedy School, Harvard University, USA. In the public sector he worked on strengthening of the public administration capacity in Serbia as an expert on the mission and deputy director of a UNDP-led project, after which he continued his career as Advisor for financial markets of the Deputy Prime Minister Miroljub Labus. In the private sector he was engaged as a main advisor on the project of establishing the first investment fund in Serbia, and later as a Corporate Advisor to the owner of the largest private company in Serbia - Delta Holding. At Harvard, he worked as an assistant in the academic course Strategy, Competition and Market Regulation. After returning from the USA he engaged in several projects in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova and Kazakhstan, where he provided expert services for the public sector in the field of planning, designing and implementation of the tourism development policy and tourist destinations, as well as efficiency, effectiveness and purposefulness analysis of the public policies and work assessment of the respective public institutions. For private clients he provided expert services in analysis and investment planning as well as on business development direction based on the estimation of future economic and other relevant factors on certain markets through the strategic marketing planning, feasibility studies and business plans. In October 2014 he was elected a Member of the Council of the Commission for Protection of Competition for a 5 year term by the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. Marko was the first economist to be elected to this position in the Republic of Serbia. At the end of his term, he joined the CEP and the National Convention on the EU as the Coordinator of the Working Group for negotiating chapters 4 and 9 - free movement of capital and financial services.