Results of the National PAR Monitor were presented at the WeBER NWG meeting in Belgrade

19 June 2023 – Today, the results of the National PAR Monitor 2021/2022 were presented at the WeBER National Working Group for Monitoring Public Administration Reform session.

The session was held with the support of the regional project, SMART Balkans and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.

Researchers at CEP, the report’s authors, presented results in the strategic framework for public administration reform, policy development and coordination, the public service system, human resource management policy, accountability, service delivery and public financial management.

Results show that there are numerous delays in the annual reports on the work of the Government, as well as imperfections in reporting and insufficient adaptation of the reports to citizens. The reporting is not regular and comprehensive, and there is a continuous violation of the law during the appointment of acting officials. At the same time, the selection criteria and contract duration limits are not clear enough. When it comes to service delivery, civil society does not have a good opinion about the accessibility of services for vulnerable groups and the training of public officials.

The meeting was attended by the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government and International Cooperation and European Integrations Department representatives in the Ministry of Finance, the Department for International Cooperation, European Integration and Project Management from the Republic Secretariat for Public Policy.