What do the citizens of Serbia say about their experiences with local governments?


This research was conducted in the period June – November 2021, in 17 cities and municipalities in Serbia and online throughout Serbia through the portal www.pratimja.rs, on a total sample of 5024 surveyed citizens of Serbia. The research was conducted within the project “Monitoring public administration towards better local governance – Pratim JA”.

The project is implemented by the European Policy Centre (CEP) together with partners (Center for Equitable Regional Development (CenTriR), National Coalition for Decentralization (NKD) and Ecological Center Stanište). The project is funded by the European Union and co-funded by the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue.

The survey is still open: find it at www.pratimja.rs. We want to find out what you think and what your experiences are with the work of local government and local institutions. We will then summarize the key issues and communicate with local government representatives.

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