• Policy development and coordination in the regional and territorial development sector


    This report is published within the initiative Western Balkan Civil Society Empowerment for a Reformed Public Administration – WeBER2.0.

    This Report is based on two principles of SIGMA, within which there are 15 requirements to which the analysis needs to provide adequate answers to. The content is based on the analysis of the documents found on the internet and by acquiring answers through FOI provided by the MPALSG. The main focus of this Report is on three adopted policy and legal acts:

    • Law on referendum and citizen’s initiative;
    • Law on the Law on Protector of Citizens;
    • Public Administration Reform (PAR) strategy in the Republic of Serbia for the period from 2021 to 2030;

    Section II of this Report consists of the analysis of 15 Requirements pertaining to the practices of developing the aforementioned laws and policy. As part of the section III, recommendation for improvements were provided regarding the 2 principles that Requirements rely on.

    The author of this report is Tadija Mitić (National Coalition for Decentralization, Member of the WeBER2.0 Platform in Serbia).

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