• Grey Book of Public Services

    The Grey Book of Public Services in Serbia is a product of the two-year project “Partnership for Public Administration Reform and Public Services in Serbia – PARtnerships“, The goal of the Grey Book is to present the most important results of conducted research and to offer a specific set of recommendations for improvement of public service delivery.

    Public administration reform constitutes not only one of the key pillars of the European integration process, but also a comprehensive process, which is supposed to improve the overall system of public administration in Serbia and the quality of services delivered to citizens by public administration. Citizens are the main users and main funders of public services, but at the same time quite often dissatisfied. In order to explore the citizens’ views and causes of their (dis)satisfaction with public services, the first part of the survey was focused on three large groups of public services: issuing personal documents (identity card, passport and driving licence), services provided by primary health care centres, as well as those at children’s enrolment in pre-school institutions and primary schools. These groups of services were selected as most frequently used public services that almost all citizens get in touch with at some point of their lives. The research results served as guidance for specific recommendations, aiming at contribution to resolving most frequent problems that citizens are faced with, as well as at improving the overall system of public service delivery.

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