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Getting results in Public Policy

Monitoring and Evaluation with Evidence Supplied by the Civil Society

How to get the results in public policy? Is civil society in Serbia able to contribute by engaging in monitoring and evaluation processes?

In the current circumstances which demonstrate a clear lack of constructive opposition on the political scene and a deficiency of critical public, as well as citizens’ disinterest in becoming more active in social issues, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) are expected to take the responsibility of presenting facts and arguments, developing critical thinking and mobilising citizens. Moreover, the European integration process and the accession negotiations with the EU require additional engagement of CSOs by providing knowledge from their areas of expertise and by acting as a corrective mechanism to the government. At the same time, CSOs are confronting financial challenges: foreign donors, the biggest source of support to the CSOs in Serbia, are gradually withdrawing and hence it is necessary to think of the new CSO sustainability models.

The aim of Study written with this policybrief is to highlight the aspect of monitoring and evaluation in the policy-making process, which is much neglected in Serbia. The study aims to demonstrate the importance of monitoring and evaluation for quality and transparency of decision-making: first, by analysing the conditions of civil society organization (CSO) participation in the sectors of public administration and social policy and employment in Serbia; second, by analysing the capacity of line ministries and general government administration in Serbia for conducting monitoring and evaluation tasks. Comparative analysis and comprehensive research are used to show good examples and practices of EU member states, with the aim of providing ideas and recommendations for establishing policy monitoring and evaluation in Serbia, as well as for more important and more constructive engagement of CSOs in this regard.

Authors: Sena Marić, Jelena Žarković Rakić, Ana Aleksić Mirić and Milena Lazarević.

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