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Demanding Open Data in Serbia

Role of Think Tanks and Research Based Civil Society Organisations

This study deals with open data demand created by civil society organisations (CSOs) in the context of the limited supply of open data in Serbia.

Who Demands Open Data in Serbia? 

On one hand, it demonstrates that civil society interest in open data is currently restricted to a particular niche of CSOs. On the other, it points to the potentials of open data for think tanks and other CSOs conducting research, not only in terms of better monitoring of government performance but also in diversifying their own research methodologies, improving their evidence-based advocacy efforts, and enhancing the ‘data light’ research environment in Serbia in the long-term. Additionally, this paper argues that cross-sector collaboration between these CSOs and media, academic, and private sector stakeholders, as well as the tech community, could increase open data demand and enhance related efforts in Serbia.

However, all these potentials for open data and CSOs are also dependent upon the further involvement of the donor community, which needs to recognize the value of open data in the Serbian context, as well as invest in analytical and technical capacities of CSOs needed to properly handle open data.

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