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CEP Presents Platform “What is the Problem?” to the New Government

CEP has proposed to the new Government of Serbia a platform entitled “What is the Problem?” – an analytical summary document which concisely elaborates the structure of the main problem of policy making in Serbia, followed by certain more specific, sectoral problems which are to a great extent the consequence of a lacking systemic and systematic approach to policy making.

What is the Problem? does not intend to exclusively indicate what the Government should do in order to solve these issues, precisely because the solving of these issues requires a systemic and comprehensive approach. Instead, this document indicates howthe accumulated problems should be addressed in order to accomplish greater efficiency, effectiveness and purposefulness of government policies, as well as greater readiness of the state to respond to challenges it faces in the EU integration process (and especially in commencing EU accession negotiations). In that context, the platformWhat is the Problem? provides the foundation for establishing a new approach which would render the policy making process more predictable and efficient.

For any further questions feel free to contact us by telephone (+381 11 2659 491) or via e-mail at nebojsa.lazarevic@cep.org.rs.

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