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Accountability in the education, employment and social policies sector

This Report was published as part of the WeBER 2.0 initiative – Western Balkan Civil Society Empowerment for a Reformed Public Administration.

The Report should provide an overview of the analysis conducted to monitor the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy (MLEVSP) and how the ministry applies the principles of public administration reform in the education, employment and social policy sector. Specifically, the monitoring of the area of responsibility was carried out by SIGMA principle 2: „The right to access public information is legally prescribed and consistently applied in practice.“
The analysis is based on the predefined WeBER 2.0 methodology, detailed in a checklist of 7 requirements related to the practice of reactive (based on the free access to information requests) and proactive information provision. For this Report, the researchers collected data and information from the official website of the Ministry of Education and Culture and by sending a request for free access to information to the ministry.
The authors of this Report are Aleksandra Đurović and Goran Radlovački (Belgrade Open School, member of the WeBER 2.0 Platform in Serbia).

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