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Think for Europe Network (TEN)

Recognising the great potential of think tanks in the Western Balkans to, through an evidence-based approach, review and enhance the process of policy-making, monitoring, and evaluation of public policies in the context of EU accession, and being aware that these efforts generally remain constrained to individual countries, we established a network of research centres in Southeastern Europe –  Think for Europe Network (TEN). TEN gathers think tank organisations across the Western Balkans, which are active in the area of EU integration, with the goal of exchanging good practices and knowledge in the region, as well as countering challenges and coming up with solutions for mutual obstacles in the EU accession process. The network has so far implemented a significant number of regional projects and produced numerous influential publications.

TEN focuses on evidence-based policy-making and promoting the process of EU integration. In this context, within the institutional framework offered by TEN, we have established the Centre of Excellence on Policymaking Systems in the Western Balkans (CEPS WeB). Its mission is to promote the use of research as a basis for policy and decision making in the Western Balkans by providing evidence-based and high quality contributions to advance the existing policy processes and practices.

TEN members are organisations recognised for their achievements in the field of public policy research and their experience and capacities in terms of advocacy: