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National Convention on the European Union

As a part of the National Convention on the European Union (NCEU), a platform for cooperation and consultation between civil society and representatives of governmental bodies in the context of Serbia’s accession to the European Union, CEP has been successfully leading four working groups (WG) which cover Negotiation Chapter 1 – Free movement of goods; Negotiation Chapter 3 – Right of Establishment and Freedom To Provide Services; Negotiation Chapter 4 – Free movement of capital and Negotiation Chapter 9 – Financial services; Negotiation Chapter 8 – Competition Policy and Negotiation Chapter 28 – Consumer and Health Protection. In addition, CEP also leads an Intersectoral WG on the political criterion. Numerous civil society organisations and business associations relevant to these topics contribute their experience and expertise through the WGs. Our working group meetings create constructive discussions between representatives of civil society and line ministries. These discussions cover current issues and developments around these two negotiation chapters. Every year the work of WGs results in the development of recommendations for government bodies for enhancing the state of play in the areas of free movement of goods and consumer and health protection.

Government bodies and civil society recognise the relevance of NCEU, given the capacity of this platform to articulate the views of an extensive number of civil society representatives and inform government bodies involved in the negotiation process. Civil society representatives can become involved in the work of NCEU through the WGs, which cover one or more negotiation chapters. NCEU convenes for Plenary Sessions and Working Group sessions, and decides on Conclusions and recommendations. Every WG is coordinated by one organisation chosen based on its knowledge and expertise. The coordinators of the WGs are in the NCEU Programme Council.