• Banat Platform

    With our experience and expertise related to the European Union we contribute to the work of the Banat Platform – a regional initiative of civil society representatives from Banat which follow Serbia’s EU accession process. Through consultations with Serbian government representatives involved in the negotiating process, these civil society organisations give their contribution to the negotiations. As a member of the Banat Platform, we have organised a series of trainings for civil society organisations across Serbia with the goal of enhancing their capacities and improving their knowledge on the negotiation process.

    The Banat Plaform was conceived as a place for articulating the views of local actors with the aim of successful communication with responsible authorities (especially those involved in the negotiation process) and other civil society representatives (in particular the National Convention on the European Union). Given the relevance of agriculture, rural development, and the environment for Banat, the focus of the Banat Platform are the negotiating Chapter 11 (Agriculture and rural development), Chapter 12 (Food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy), and Chapter 27 (Environment). However, this Platform does not solely target these topics in the negotiation process, but can have a wider scope as well. Trainings, workshops, roundtables, and conferences for platform members and other stakeholders are organised within the Banat Platform. The work of the Platform is led by the Ecological Centre Habitat from Vršac.

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