Meeting on the Draft Negotiation Position for Chapter 28

26 January 2022 – A meeting of the Working Group of the National Convention on the European Union, which monitors Serbia’s negotiations with the EU in the Negotiation Chapter 28 (Consumer and Health protection), was held today with representatives of the European Integration Committee of the National Assembly and with the relevant committees and ministries.

The Working Group for Negotiating Chapter 28 is one of the working groups coordinated by the CEP. This meeting was held to present the Draft Negotiating Position for Chapter 28 to the National Convention.

After discussion, NCEU gave its consent seeing the urgency and necessity for this Negotiation Position to be adopted in order to make progress in this Chapter. After that, the European Integration Committee gave a positive opinion on the Draft Negotiating Position of the Republic of Serbia for Chapter 28, with the recommendation that the new Consumer Protection Act, which was brought into action in December, be included in the text of the Draft Negotiating Position in the legal-technical redaction in 2021.