The Open Society Think Tank Fund (TTF)

European Policy Centre – CEP is awarded a two-year Organizational Development Grant by The Open Society Think Tank Fund (TTF). One of the main purposes of the grant is to support think tanks in analysing clearly identified political, economic and social issues, which contribute to fostering open society values. TTF recognized CEP as essentially dedicated to the research and analysis of the policy making system in Serbia in the EU accession context, as well as the think tank with relevant expertise in a number of sectorial policy areas.

Consequently, TTF grant will allow CEP to enhance the quality of policy research and methodology. In addition, CEP will be given the chance to build a strategic outlook to the organisation’s development, foster managerial skills of staff and invest in the balanced progress of its programme areas. Finally, CEP will have the opportunity to develop communication strategy in order to better promote results of its work to a wide and diverse audience through a wide range of media outlets and tools.

Organizational development grants aim to provide support for improvement in the three specific areas of think tank activities.

1. Quality of research products which focuses on development and choice of various research methods and formats for producing analysis.

2. Communications and advocacy capacity deals with how organizations deliver their findings to the public, who they target as key audiences, and what approaches and tools they use for that purpose.

3. Internal development and governance is concerned with how think tanks function as a non-profit organization and includes staff recruitment and retention and issues of strategic planning, fundraising, and sustainability.

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