Increasing Citizens’ Involvement in Achieving Government Accountability in Serbia

European Policy Centre – CEP implemented a project in cooperation with the State Audit Institution of Serbia (SAI) in March 2013, termed Increasing Citizens’ Involvement in Achieving Government Accountability in Serbia.

The goal of the project was to ensure sustainable forms of cooperation between SAI, civil society organisations and citizens through:

  • the establishment of a more institutionalized cooperation in the common efforts to achieve government accountability, and
  • the improvement of the management system of citizens’ requests for audit in order to increase citizens’ participation in audit process

This was the continuation of the successful cooperation between CEP and SAI which began in 2012 with the project Determining Condition for Improvement of work of the State Audit Institution of Serbia, assisted by the USAID JRGA.

This initiative was supported by the USAID Judicial Reform and Government Accountability Project (JRGA).

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