Improving the evaluation system of the preschool education in Serbia

European Policy Centre (CEP) has been implementing the assignment Improving the evaluation system of preschool education in Serbia and monitoring the development goal of the project in the quality of preschool education and education within the World Bank “Early Childhood and Education and Care” (ECEC) project, with the aim to ensure the quality, continuity and sustainability of the ECEC project activities related to the evaluation of preschool education quality and thus link the project development goal related to the preschool education quality with activities that support full implementation of a revised quality framework in the preschool education. For that purpose, CEP, with a number of high-quality experts in the education sector, has been working on the collection of initial data on the use of a revised quality framework and ensuring monitoring of the developmental goal of the ECEC project. More specifically, the CEP supported the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and the Institute for Education Quality and Evaluation to obtain resources for the full implementation of the quality assessment system of preschool education based on the Revised Quality Framework. The support included, among others, defining descriptors for quality standard indicators, creating tools., developing guidelines for external evaluators and building expert capacities of external evaluators.

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