Good Governance Fund – GGF

UK Reform Assistance to Serbia

The UK Government is providing reform assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine through the Good Governance Fund (GGF). GGF consists of three delivery mechanism, one of which is the Special Technical Assistance Mechanism. This mechanism is designed to support reforms in two priority areas – good governance and economic development, within which special attention will be paid to the following thematic areas: fight against corruption, improvement of the business environment, justice system reform, key sector reforms (e.g. banking and energy), strengthening the Rule of Law and support to independent media. GGF goal is to strengthen political and economic stability and support further poverty reduction and growth.

It is envisaged to last for at least three years (starting from 2015) with the available budget determined for each fiscal year. The Special Technical Assistance Mechanism in Serbia is operated by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) UK, together with PwC Serbia and Serbian think tank European Policy Centre (CEP), working closely with the British Embassy in Serbia.

Contact: Ranka Miljenović, Executive Director (

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