Coordination of monitoring the implementation of Economic Reform Programme (ERP) in the area of four priority structural reforms

The European Policy Centre (CEP) was chosen to lead the coordination of monitoring the implementation of Economic Reform Programme (ERP) for 2017-2019 period. We monitored the implementation of following ERP priority structural reforms: public finance management; energy, transport and telecommunications market; sectoral development; external trade and investment facilitation. ERP is one of the key documents in the process of EU integration of the Republic of Serbia and it is adopted at the end of every year, with projections for the next two years.

From September till December 2017, CEP gave its contribution and help Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit (SIPRU) to achieve that policy-making relevant to social inclusion become better coordinated within central government and to improve monitoring of policy implementation and use of funds. In order to strengthen the capacities of civil society for informed participation in the process of development, implementation and monitoring the above-mentioned ERP priority structural reforms and improve the communication between the Government and CSOs in this process, in the following period we regularly communicated with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy and SIPRU. CEP also organised consultations and workshops, meetings of relevant Working groups of the National Convention on the EU (NCEU), worked on the dissemination of online materials (infographics, presentations and reports) as well as the dissemination of useful information through social networks, our website and the media.

European Policy Centre (CEP) is also among the signatories (within NCEU) of the Platform for Monitoring the Implementation of the next ERP (2018-2020) and the Employment and Social Policy Reform Programme (ESRP).

You can access ERP 2017-2019 here.

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