Cooperation with SIGMA/OECD

In our work within the Good Governance programme, we regularly cooperate with SIGMA,  a joint initiative of the OECD and the EU, principally financed by the EU. The key objective of SIGMA is to strengthen and to improve public governance systems in the EU and neighbourhood countries. On different occasions, we provided our expertise and research for SIGMA.

Cooperation on SIGMA assessments on PAR

Most notably, CEP team has been selected as the local expert point for assisting SIGMA in implementing monitoring missions of the public administration reform (PAR) in 2016 and 2017. In this regard, we provide analysis, data collection and advice to SIGMA for the assessment of implementation of requirements for a well-functioning public administration, in six core areas of reform defined by the Principles of Public Administration.

Collaboration on a study on management responsibility

CEP was commissioned to conduct an in-depth policy study of managerial accountability within the state administration in Serbia. The analysis focused on managerial responsibility, autonomy, and formal decision-making authorities in the areas of policy planning, development and coordination, human resource management, budget management, public procurement, and hierarchical structures of public administration bodies.

The overall goal of the study to provide a policy framework for making management within the public administration more accountable, efficient, and effective.

This analysis assessed the current state of play and provided recommendations that will be used by SIGMA to advocate improvement of the presently fluid concept of managerial accountability and removing systemic obstacles.

SIGMA and WeBER collaboration

In addition, we closely collaborate with SIGMA within our regional, flagship project – WeBER. In this project, independent PAR monitoring methodology is produced by the civil society, and it closely follows the Principles of Public Administration developed by SIGMA. Methodology is based on the selection of SIGMA principles that are best fitted to be monitored by the civil society, and the development of own quantitative and qualitative indicators for measurement.

Watch our animation series on all six reform areas of SIGMA Principles!

Other projects