CEP and EPC work together for the benefit of the Serbian State Audit Institution

The European Project Center (EPC) and CEP jointly implemented the Project Determining Conditions for Improvement of work of the State Audit Institution of Serbia, financed by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in the framework of its Judicial Reform and Government Accountability (JRGA) Project.

The Project implemented by EPC and CEP aimed at contributing to accountability and effective management of public funds in Serbia by strengthening the capacities of the State Audit Institution to enforce its legal implementation measures. More specifically, the Project’s objectives were:

  • To improve the implementation record of the whole range of measures at disposal to the State Audit Institution of Serbia in the discharge of its function, as well as its ability to ensure continuous and credible monitoring of the implementation of its measures
  • To improve the participation of the civil society sector in the monitoring and evaluation of implementation of SAI’s measures

One of the key outputs of the Project is a comprehensive assessment of the state of implementation of the SAI’s measures, including analysis of the obstacles posed in the existing relevant legislation. The results of this assessment was presented to the public and to the media in June 2012 at a Conference that gathered representatives of the SAI, other relevant state authorities and civil society organisations.

The Project also produced recommendations for continuous and credible monitoring and evaluation regarding the implementation of the SAI’s measures, especially from the aspect of integrating the civil society in that process. Such recommendations weree presented and debated at the Conference in June 2012.

The direct beneficiary of the Project is the State Audit Institution of the Republic of Serbia, which has endorsed the project approach and was closely involved in the implementation of the activities. The target group of the Project included public organisations which have so far been audited by the SAI, the judiciary, as well as the Committee on Finance in the Serbian National Assembly.

You can find out more about the USAID’s Judicial Reform and Government Accountability Project here.

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