Achieving Effective Policy Monitoring and Evaluation through Evidence Supplied by the Civil Society

This research project aimed to explore the practices and capacities of the Serbian government to perform monitoring and evaluation functions, as well as to examine the potential of the civil society organisations to take part in this respect. Involvement of civil society was instigated through advocacy, awareness raising and capacity building of public administration and civil sector on ways to improve the quality of monitoring and evaluation processes. Main beneficiaries of the project were the ministries in charge of public administration reform, social policy and employment as well as the relevant Serbian civil society organisations.

Specific aims of the project were:

  • Improve the awareness and understanding of policy makers, civil servants as well as CSOs about the benefits and specific ways/tools of involving the civil society in policy monitoring and evaluation
  • Ensuring effective involvement of civil society, particularly those organisations focusing on policy research, in policy monitoring and evaluation

Foundation for the Advancement of Economics (FREN) and European Policy Centre – CEP were jointly implementing project activities.

This project was funded by the European Union.

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