• Miloš Janjić

    Junior Researcher

    Miloš joined CEP team in February of 2018 after finishing Master program at Berlin School of Economy and Law on the module International Economics. During his master studies, Miloš has a chance to study heterodox economic theory with a focus on pluralistic approaches to macroeconomic policies evaluation. Besides macroeconomics, Miloš is active in research in the fields of international trade, international economic relations and political economy. Previous to master studies, Miloš was working in corporate sector holding positions in finance and marketing departments in two multinational companies. Miloš finished Bachelor studies at Faculty of Economics of University of Belgrade on the department for the International economy and foreign trade. During his studies, Miloš also completed an internship in Serbian Business Registers Agency and was an active member of couple student organisation. In spare time Miloš enjoys collecting old coins and stamps from all around the world.