Using Third-Party Indicators for Quantifying the Functioning of Democratic Institutions in the WB


Functioning of democratic institutions (FoDI) is an inseparable part of country reports produced by the European Commission (EC, Commission) each year. At the same time, this is the sole part of the report that does not have an assessment of the level of preparedness and progress. Since 33 negotiating chapters and two sub-areas within the Fundamentals cluster, namely Economic Criteria and the Public Administration Reform (PAR), are regularly assessed by the Commission for all (potential) candidate countries, FoDI deserved the same treatment.

This infographic serves as a visual roadmap for using third-party indicators for quantifying the functioning of democratic institutions in the WB. It outlines the ratings for four categories (‘Elections’, ‘Parliament’, ‘Governance’, and ‘Civil society’), as well as an overall score for FoDI across six countries, using mixed approach model.

For a more detailed analysis, please refer to the following publication.