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Serbia and Civilian CSDP Missions

In fact, EU’s civilian missions are twice as common when compared to those of military character. Despite their growing importance, Serbia, as a candidate country, is yet to take part in civilian CSDP missions and therefore must work on strengthening its capacities together with developing its institutional framework, to constructively engage with the Union on this matter.

Bearing such context in mind, the aim of the Insight is to examine the prospects for closer cooperation between third countries and the EU when it comes to civilian CSDP missions, while shining a spotlight on the untapped potential within Serbia’s accession negotiations and Chapter 31. At the same time, this Insight provides a critical review of the existing legislative framework in Serbia and in this regard, analyses the latest initiative on drafting a law that should regulate the given topic in the future. Finally, this Insight lays out further recommendations for the improvement of the Draft Law on the participation of civilians in peacekeeping missions and argues Serbia finally needs to break the deadlock and take part in the EU civilian missions.

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