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WeBER paltform

CEP is the coordinator of the consultative WeBER platform which gathers civil society organisations in the Western Balkans. This regional platform serves to promote and improve dialogue with relevant institutions in the context of the public administration reform (PAR) process, which is currently happening in all Western Balkan countries. The WeBER platform presents the first and only initiative working to enable a comprehensive mechanism for civil society participation in PAR dialogue. More precisely, the WeBER platform:

  • gathers all interested organisations which wish to be involved in PAR monitoring and dialogue, irrelevant of their size or the influence they have in their work,
  • is based on the knowledge created by the Platform members through their research and PAR monitoring with the goal of participating in PAR dialogue,
  • introduces a unique perspective of civil society organisations (and, indirectly, that of the wider public) in PAR-related discussions.

Essentially, the WeBER Platform is a place for research and evidence-based consultations and dialogue on PAR, which brings together civil society, representatives of relevant government bodies, as well as regional and international organisations (e.g. European Commission (EC)Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA)Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) etc.) Consultations and dialogue are incited through the PAR Monitor – development and implementation of an independent methodology for PAR monitoring and publishing of monitoring reports.

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