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Sectorial Civil Society Organisations (SCSO)

Within the SCSO mechanism (Sectorial Civil Society Organisations), we are one of the five leading organisations which cover the topic of public administration reform. Through this mechanism we foster cooperation with the public sector with the goal of more successful management of development assistance funds. By participating in consultations and sectorial working groups which discuss fund management, as well as by attending mutual trainings, we provide our support to SCSO’s work. Additionally, we participate in the preparation of an annual working plan for our sectorial group, which plans out key activities in terms of cooperation in programming, monitoring, and reporting on EU funds, building internal capacities, strengthening visibility of SCSO, and widening the network.

SCSO was initiated by the European Integration Office (today Ministry for European Integration) in 2011 as a mechanism for cooperation between the civil society and public sector in terms of planning and programming international development assistance funds, as well as monitoring and reporting on related developments. Apart from the area of public administration reform, where CEP is one of the members of the consortium, civil society can also participate in seven more sectorial groups: Rule of Law; Civil Society, Media, and Culture; Competitiveness; Human Resource Development; Agriculture and Rural Development; Transport; Environment and Energy.