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European Western Balkans (EWB)

Starting September 2017, we began close cooperation with the regional web portal European Western Balkans (EWB), which deals with the monitoring of European integration in the Western Balkans, as well as monitoring of wider European themes such as regional cooperation, political stability, reform processes, and relations between the EU and Western Balkan countries. EWB publishes independently produced articles, news, and infographics on topics of importance to the EU accession process, interviews, opinions and texts written by EWB correspondents, as well as by relevant officials and experts from the region and the European Union.

EWB follows the work of the European Policy Centre (CEP), by regularly attending, monitoring, and promoting its work through the media. Also, EWB publishes CEP’s press releases, official statements, news, articles and analysis on topics relevant to the portal. CEP also publishes relevant texts from the EWB portal, primarily through social networks.