Technical assistance to support the preparation of the post 2020 Regional Strategy – regional overview

Western Balkan leaders endorsed the Multi-Annual Action Plan for a Regional Economic Area (hereinafter: MAP REA), prepared and coordinated by RCC. The MAP REA sets out a mid-term agenda on regional economic integration within the trade, investment, mobility, and digital agendas, and foresees a strong implementation, coordination, and monitoring role for RCC. Economic policy analysis is pivotal to support the formulation of the required policy interventions both at the national and regional level. MAP REA has been recognized as a key element for improving living standards from both economic and social perspective, directly feeding into the SEE 2020 Strategy.

The overall objective of the consultancy was to identify and analyse the interlinkages between national post-2020 strategies of Western Balkan economies and, based on provided reports from each Western Balkan economy, produce an analytical report, making a cross-reference and extrapolating commonalities among the relevant strategies, as well as among the relevant strategies and SDGs, new EU 2025 agenda and EU 2030 sustainability agenda.

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