Support to the Public Administration Reform in Serbia, PROFID 2010-2013: Building Capacities for Impact Assessment of the Ministry of Interior’s Strategic Documents on the Environment

Improvement of strategic planning through enhancing the capacity of Ministry of Interior (MoI) strategic documents impact assessment by introducing methodologies for public policy ex ante and ex post impact assessment as well as the improvement of the accountability and transparency mechanisms in MoI through the process of strategic decision making. After the development of a draft methodology for the assessment of the impact of MoI strategic documents and an assessment of the impact of the MoI’s Development Strategy 2011-2016 and the corresponding Action Plan for 2012-2013, 3-day training on the assessment of public policy impact for the staff of MoI’s BSP was conducted with the aim to provide them with skills and knowledge for M&E of the public policy efforts, in line with the MoI needs.

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