Support to NAPA in professional development of public administration in Serbia

CEP experts have been assigned to provide support to National Academy for Public Administration – NAPA in enhancement of professional development programmes for public administration based on real needs of the employees and priorities of public administration.

Experts will:

  1. Support NAPA in training need analysis implementation.

On the basis of the adopted TNA methodology (developed through GGF project) Consultants will implement TNA, collect and process the data and draft report on estimated needs of employees for professional development with recommendations and priorities on key programme areas and training topics. TNA will cover training needs for the annual training programmes and for the medium term (3-year period).

2. Assist NAPA in upgrading professional development programmes

Based on the previously implemented TNA Consultants will provide support to NAPA in upgrading the existing professional development programmes (Six professional development programmes – General training programme for civil servants, Training programme for managers in state administration, General training programme for employees in the local self-government units, Training programee for managers in local self-government units, Professional development programme in state administration institutions, Training programme for foreigners in order to acquire the preconditions for accreditation for the training programme implementers). Based on an analysis of the existing training programmes, Consultants will properly incorporate horizontal issues into the training curriculum such as antidiscrimination, CSO’s participation, gender issues etc.

3. Assist NAPA in development and evaluation of online courses for priority topics. On the basis of TNA, Consultants will support NAPA in identification of up to 8 online courses.

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