Support to Improve Social Inclusion in Serbia

The Republic of Serbia is expected to establish the social inclusion monitoring system, including the Economic Reform Programme (ERP) and Employment and Social Reform Programme (ESRP), strengthen and develop capacities of public administration to implement and report on the economic and social inclusion process and establish a sustainable unit which shall coordinate the implementation of measures and reporting on economic process and social inclusion in Serbia. Economic and social inclusion policies shall be mainstreamed in regular activities of relevant institutions on all levels.

The preparation of the ESRP implied the active participation and contribution of relevant stakeholders, in order to provide an overview of the current status and reach a consensus on priorities and measures for the following period. Therefore, the Platform for monitoring of the implementation of ERP and ESRP in the European Integration Process. The main objective of the Platform is to establish effective dialogue between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the civil society in the RS about the implementation of the key reform measures for the Republic of Serbia’s economic and social development, contained in the relevant areas of the ERP and ESRP.

The specific objective of the assignment is to contribute to strengthening civil society organizations’ capacities for informed participation in the development, implementation and monitoring of ERP priority structural reforms area 3.1,3.2,3.3 (Industry Sector Development and Development of the Services Sector) and 3.6; communication with Government bodies in the development, implementation and monitoring of relevant ERP areas and promoting good local practices in the implementation of the document.

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