Support and counselling to the Ministry of finance of the Montenegro in drafting methodology for delegation of authorities

The Law on Public Administration regulates management and responsibility in public administration, while the Law on Management and Internal Controls in the Public Sector more clearly defines the responsibility of the head of the entity, the head of the organizational unit and the persons to whom powers and responsibilities have been transferred. In accordance with the law, they are accountable for the performance of tasks within their competence to the body that appointed the person, i.e., to the person who delegated their powers and responsibilities. Managers are given the opportunity to transfer certain tasks and tasks of financial management and internal controls to the heads of organizational units or other employees in the entity.

At the time, in Montenegro, the heads of organizational units had administrative responsibilities which were reflected in participation in policy making, and thus in the preparation of decisions within their competence. However, they did not have an operational responsibility to make their own decisions and manage the financial resources needed to carry out the activities under their jurisdiction, other than confirming that the service has been performed and / or the goods have been delivered.

The aim of the project was to provide support to the Ministry of Finance in improving the management and internal control system, through the delegation of responsibilities and authorities.

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