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    If you get tired of reading, then have a listen to our podcast. European Talks podcast is a short form conversation that aims to untangle difficult questions on various topics related to Serbia’s relations with the EU and its member states, by talking to experts, diplomats, and other relevant actors. Whether you are a researcher, a politician, or just genuinely curious about the topic, European Talks podcast will provide you with valuable ideas, answers as well as new questions.

    Away with the enlargement bogeyman: Reforming the EU Enlargement Policy for a prompter acceptance of the Western Balkans

    Ms Milena Lazarević, CEP's Programme Director, is joined by Dušan Pjevović, CEP's External Associate.

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    Obstacles to EU enlargement: the Dutch perspective

    Jan Marinus Wiersma, Senior Visiting Fellow at the Clingendael Institute, is joined by Sena Marić, Programme Manager and Senior Researcher at CEP.

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    The 2019 EU Election results: Challenging the Status Quo?

    Dr. Corina Stratulat, Senior Policy Analyst and the Head of the European Politics in EPC Brussels is joined by Dušan Pjevović, Researcher in CEP.

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    Reachable Values as the Fundamental Uniting Factor of European Integration

    Sonja Licht, President of Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence and Milan Antonijević, Executive Director of Open Society Foundations Serbia, are joined by Dušan Pjevović, Researcher at CEP.

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    Enlargement as a Strategic Future: Dealing with Uncertainty in European Capitals

    Srđan Majstorović, Chairman od CEP's Governing Board, is joined by Dušan Pjevović, Researcher at CEP.

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