• Vision and Mission


    The founders and team members of the European Policy Centre (CEP) jointly have planned the following vision for the organisation for 2020:

    In 2020, CEP is an independent think-tank, which strongly influences policy making in Serbia by providing intelligent and evidence-based solutions, with substantial knowledge of the public administration, and directing them towards achievement of the European values and long-term benefits from the EU membership.

    Decision makers respect and accept policy proposals and ideas offered by CEP, which is reflected in relevant national and international documents. CEP’s events gather national, regional and European professional public and institutions on a regular basis, and receive strong media coverage.

    In 2020, members of the growing and highly motivated CEP team are widely recognised experts and researchers, who transfer their knowledge and experience to the community and whose voice strongly echoes in the national media.

    With well-developed thematic and horizontal partnerships at the national, Western Balkan, and EU level, CEP is a prominent actor and initiator of dialogue and changes in the relevant policy areas.


    CEP Mission 2020 is to conduct research and analysis as basis for policy making, educate and advocate for quality policy options oriented towards transforming Serbia into a successful future EU member state.

    In order to achieve the Mission 2020, CEP Strategy 2020 sets the following Strategic Objectives 2020, with reference to both internal and external organisational perspectives:

    1. To enhance quality of research products and methodology;
    2. To improve management and governance structures;
    3. To increase communication and advocacy capacities, and the outreach of our key messages.

    In fulfilling its mission, CEP seeks to maintain a delicate balance between encouraging Serbia’s government to actively pursue EU accession and providing it with evidence-based criticism and bottom-up pressure to reform.

    CEP will continue to develop its network of members and experts to cover the entire system of policy-making in Serbia from the perspective of EU accession.

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