• Policy Brief: Towards a European Level of Consumer Protection in Serbia


    European Policy Centre – CEP has published a Policy Brief based on the comprehensive Study of Consumer Policy in Serbia: “Towards a European Level of Consumer Protection in Serbia”

    This Policy Brief is published in the framework of the “Think and Link” Regional Policy Programme of the European Fund for the Balkans.

    From this Policy Brief:

    The choice of a policy option, which incorporates changes to the current CPL so as to strengthen the role of the Market Inspection and misdemeanor courts, as well as to hierarchically strengthen the position of the unit in charge within the relevant Ministry, would ensure a substantial improvement of the level of consumer protection in Serbia in a relatively short period of time. Simultaneously, the work on the judiciary reform and the development and affirmation of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, as well as strengthening consumer organizations as important stakeholders of consumer protection, should continue.


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