• European Youth

    Addressing digital challenges

    This study represents a compilation of eight policy briefs created within the project “Let’s build the future together: the EU and the Western Balkans from the youth perspective”.

    Policy briefs are titled:

    • Youth in Albania and the Online World: at the Crossroads of Freedom and Safety
    • Digital content: Why regulate? A view from Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Youth
    • Between regulations and freedom of speech: Kosovo’s youth acknowledge the importance of regulations and sanctions in digital space
    • Freedom of Expression on Social Media in Montenegro
    • Can You Hear Us from the Screen? The Youth from North Macedonian for Safe Internet Space
    • Regulating Interned in a Youth-friendly manner a Standpoint from Serbia
    • Internet, Freedom of Expression and Democracy in Europe – a Look from Italy
    • Internet, Freedom of Expression and Democracy in Europe – the Polish Perspective

    For more information, please visit: www.mladirini.org.

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